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Behavioral Analysis And Workplace Investigations

A deeper understanding of human behavior and situations can help resolve issues quickly and discreetly. This is accomplished with activities such as employee interviews, team observations, analyzing information, surveillance and an overall deep-dive into the situation. Behavioral interviewing at the employee and executive level are also a part of this area of expertise. A written strategy to eliminate future recurrence of unacceptable behavior is an important aspect of this area of our services.

Employee Interviews / Team Observations / Behavioral Interviewing / Surveillance


 MBDS Services 

Private Investigations and Surveillance 


Situations occur that require a third-party, objective licensed Private Investigator to verify activities. Services include movement tracking, executive behavior, insurance fraud, background checks and overall due diligence. This is accomplished through social media reviews, tracking, surveillance and research. Success with resolving the issue is improved because of evidence provided in written reports, video, photographs and other electronic and printed evidence that surfaces.

Insurance Fraud Investigation / Due Dilligence / Surveillance / Research

Risk Management, Fraud and Ethics
A thorough analysis of people, processes and overall organizational approach can identify
areas of focus to decrease risk. This includes safety review, security protocol analysis and cultural consideration that could put the organization at risk. An in-depth assessment of potential temptation for fraud or ethics violation based on culture and processes can be a key
part of this area of service. If fraud or ethics violations are suspected, it will be thoroughly investigated. Creating a strategy to improve the overall approach is part of this service.

Security Protocol / Risk Assessment / Fraud Investigations / Ethics Violations